My trips to Disney

Throughout my life, I have gone across this country and back, but out of all the places I have gone, the most visited is Disney World. I go to Disney World at least twice a year, but it is starting to slow down. I have gone at least 30 times so far, over my 15 years of life. We go every year, and believe me, it does get boring. But some parts of the park are still fun, like my favorite rides in each of the four parks for example. For each park in Disney World, I have a favorite ride. In Magic Kingdom, I have Splash Mountain. In Epcot, I have Test Track. Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest. MGM, or Disney Hollywood Studios, I have Tower of Terror.

First, is Splash Mountain. Every time we go to Disney, we always go to Magic Kingdom first, so we go on this favorite ride first. When I was younger, I didn’t like this ride, or any of my now favorite rides, but now that I am older, I love it. The whole ride is fun, the singing animals, the water (PS. I like water), and the drops, everyones favorites. I hated this ride when I was younger because of the drop, now I love it for the same reason. I love the feeling of the wind blowing past my face, the feeling of falling and being almost weightless is amazing. It is why I love all these rides. And getting wet in the hot weather of Florida doesn’t hurt either.

Next is Test Track. Epcot is a must for my family. It is the only way we can say we went all around the world in one day. For those who don’t know, Epcot has a large area in the back of the park that has sections cut into small countries, Mexico, Japan, Morocco, Italy. But the main reason I love to go to Epcot is because of Test Track. It is like test driving a car, that drives itself. I love the ride because it goes at high speeds at the end, I love the wind in my face.

Expedition Everest. The ride based of a real mountain with a twist of cryptid. The ride is a fun ride through the Himalayans while being chased by the Yeti. You ride around in your express train to the top of the mountain, until you find out the track is broken, so your train goes back into the mountain. Into darkness, you do a backflip in the train (It’s in the dark, but you can tell), and when you stop, the shadow of the Yeti jumps on the track, and rips it off. You then plummet down the side of the mountain, until you come to the Yeti’s cave. It reaches out for you (Not anymore. The actual animatronic is broken, so they added a strobe effect to make you not notice), but you escape, the last thing you hear being the Yeti’s howl. It is a fun ride with the wind blowing past your face and the drops fell great too.

Finally, possibly my favorite ride in Disney World, Tower of Terror. The Hollywood Tower Hotel, or Tower of Terror, is a ride about going into a haunted hotel. You walk into the elevator, and it brings you to the top of the ride, through some strange sights, then down into the dark abyss. It brings you back up and back down multiple times, and feels great with the weightlessness and floating at the edge of your seatbelt. It was the scariest ride for me when I was younger, I don’t even remember why. But now it might be my favorite, or a close second to the Star Tours ride. Nowadays, I won’t leave Disney World without riding this ride once or twice. So I’m happy my family forced me onto the scariest thing to me at that age, which might have traumatized me. But I feel fine, and am happy about it.


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George Lorantos

Throughout my life so far, I have found out it is hard to get through life and be successful. I have had my moments of failure before, especially in high school. But after those moments of failure, I come out and become better than before. As of right now, I am a Junior at Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School, and my grades are mostly okay in all my classes. But those that are not will be fixed, and better than ever. I think I am smart, but some moments in my life contradict that. My family life is good at times, and a little annoying at others. I am more expressive around my friends, and I love to write fictional stories.

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