My Disney Cruise trips

Disney is a large part of my family. We love disney movies, we just recently got disney plates and bowls, and we visit Disney World every year. But there is something even more special that we have only done twice, the Disney Cruise. We went on the cruise once in 2010 and once last year. The first time was special and exciting, it was back when I wasn’t bored with disney. We got on a large ship, by large I mean really big, and had lunch. I can remember that I had steak and rice, and some Coke Cola. Then we went to our rooms, and found our bags were there. They were brought there by the people who work there.

We went around the ship and looked at all the things to do. We mostly swam in the on-board pool, that was also back when I liked to swim. But soon, we had dinner, and I had steak. Our food was cut for us, which was great. Afterwards, we went back to our rooms and slept. For the next few days on the ship, we kept doing mostly the same thing, swimming, eating resting. On the third day, we got to leave the ship and go on land at Key West. We went around and bought some toys and things to take home. We got back on the ship, and got to cool off from the hot weather. More swimming, resting and eating. On the fourth day, we went to Atlantis. The resort and water park Atlantis, it was fun, and very hot. We walked around on the boiling ground without shoes, and it wasn’t fun.

On the next day, we finally got to our final destination, a private disney owned island, Castaway Cay. It is an island in the Bahamas that disney uses mostly for the cruises. Many people go on the island and relax in the hot hot sunny sun. On a beach and get to swim around in real ocean water. We get to eat at real restaurants on the island and get to do special activities. We didn’t really do any, unless I am remembering wrong. We might have gone swimming with stingrays, and I was not happy at all (I personally think this might have started my not liking and disagreeing of what to do on vacations). But we eventually just calmed down and relaxed. Soon we got back on the ship, and headed back to Florida. We got back to mainland in a little over a day and a half I think. We got our things and headed home. This is only my first trip on the cruise, which I don’t remember as much as the next one, which will come soon.


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George Lorantos

Throughout my life so far, I have found out it is hard to get through life and be successful. I have had my moments of failure before, especially in high school. But after those moments of failure, I come out and become better than before. As of right now, I am a Junior at Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School, and my grades are mostly okay in all my classes. But those that are not will be fixed, and better than ever. I think I am smart, but some moments in my life contradict that. My family life is good at times, and a little annoying at others. I am more expressive around my friends, and I love to write fictional stories.

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