My second Disney Cruise trip

Only last year did I finally go back to the Disney Cruise. It has been so long since I went on the disney cruise that I couldn’t really remember much about it. But after all the funny business, the going through the lines and leaving the country stuff, we finally got on the ship, the Disney Dream, I think. We quickly went around and ate our food, I had chicken this time, because I was having an early life crisis and a large fear of choking at the time. Just like last time, we went to our rooms, and relaxed for a few minutes before we went around the ship.

Very soon, my parents found two kids clubs for us to go to. I remember the club, but not the name. It was very boring and we were forced to stay there for hours on end. There were some things to do, play video games, watch stupid new teen disney movies. But I just ended up watching videos on my phone. I had to stay there until about noon or a little later, I don’t really remember. Then we went back to our room, and stayed there until later on when my parents came back. We then rested, and then went around the ship some more.

We never got off the ship until we came to Castaway Cay. We got off the ship and went to the beach. Resting there for an hour or two. Then the ‘fun’ started. My father had signed me and himself up to go and ride jetski’s. It was not fun, it was very very bumpy. Just bouncing up and down, hanging on for dear life. We soon came to the nearby island and walked around in the water. Later, we had to ride back, still as bumpy and scary as ever. We got back, and I relaxed and was happy I didn’t fall into the ocean. We ate some food later, I had a cheeseburger and some soda. More relaxing on the beach.

We finally got back on the ship, and began our voyage home. We had to go wait on the ship for over a day until we got home. But today, if I remember correctly, we were aloud to relax and stay in our room. It was peaceful. We soon got back to mainland, and headed home. After that, I never really wanted to go back on the cruise. Just my own personal reasons, like not liking going into the middle of the ocean. But now it is over, and I don’t need to do it again.


Published by

George Lorantos

Throughout my life so far, I have found out it is hard to get through life and be successful. I have had my moments of failure before, especially in high school. But after those moments of failure, I come out and become better than before. As of right now, I am a Junior at Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School, and my grades are mostly okay in all my classes. But those that are not will be fixed, and better than ever. I think I am smart, but some moments in my life contradict that. My family life is good at times, and a little annoying at others. I am more expressive around my friends, and I love to write fictional stories.

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