A highway that leads to a dirt road. A sign in on the side of the rad that says "Adventure Quest" A large A and V are in the middle of the highway, with roads on them.

Adventure Quest

        I have made the Adventure Quest site because throughout my young life, I have traveled across this county a few times. I have been to Florida at least 30 times, I have been to California, the Bahamas, and Canada. On my way to Florida, flying was not the most used option. All the times I can remember going down to Florida, I remember that we drove down.

        Though most of the times I don’t like the travel, I do like the experiences of the places I’ve been to. I have been across this country and back, top to bottom, left to right. I have been to three different countries through my 15 years of life, and I enjoyed the time I spent there. I just want other people to say what great joy they had during their travels, and for others to read people’s stories. To have them like the idea of travel, and try it for themselves.shutterstock_180605549